Dare to Bare

The sophisticated sheer look is the leading lady in our autumn photoshoot this year. The question of whether or not a woman should bare her chest has been at the centre of recent debate. We feel it is our duty to make a compelling case in favour of showing some skin, whilst of course spinning our vintage twist on the matter. A sheer blouse or dress is a statement of elegance and grace but this style is so much more than that, the look emulates female empowerment in an age where campaigns such as 'free the nipple' are hot topics of today. This has us casting our mind back to an era where sheer was held dear to many women during the iconic Jazz Age. The spirit of emancipation was very much in the air after World War One, particularly for women. Women were becoming financially independent and due to the growing retail sector they were able to demand choice from their newly disposable income.

The aesthetic quality of this era mirrored the break in social convention. Ladies waved goodbye to the heavily constricting corseted Victorian dresses and welcomed with open arms Tabard style sheer dresses. The hemline barely reached the knee in their scandalous ascent and women started to enjoy an ease of movement. The skirts and bodices became more complex and time consuming and costly beading established the famous 'flapper era'. As women began to dance, the sheer look became a celebration of femininity and oozed sex appeal. The glamour of the 1920's has walked its way onto catwalks today and provides the ultimate evidence to our case; the sheer look is the ultimate statement of female empowerment and romance.

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