Autumnal Inspirations

As our favourite season fast approaches us, we cannot help but start thinking about those gorgeous palettes Autumn displays and how we can welcome them with open arms into our sweet little shop. As we are rooted in the rolling hills and towering woodlands of Devon we are not lacking inspiration. Autumn showers us with the most gorgeous shades of burgundy, amber, caramel and toffee flavours whilst blowing in the cooler weather and fallen leaves.

Blanket coats have rolled in with the breeze this season and our studio has been busy weaving together a unique collection of these beauties. Autumn layering greets us warmly this September and this trend is what makes this season so special. An opportunity to feel cosy whilst kicking up leaves at our feet. Clasp layer after layer with beautiful accessories, such as your most perfect brooch that sings those autumnal notes. Statement scarves are a must-have for any season but become even more important up against that fresh breeze.

Whilst the cosiness of Autumn is welcomed with jubilation, we are well aware that the wind and one's hair are incompatible partners. Therefore, the headscarf or turban can play a pivotal role in their inevitable break-up. Bad hair days are no longer or no longer on show due to this essential accessory and have designers in awe. With those summer nights drawing to a close, the autumn season can now be fully attended to with all the elegance and glamour this season deserves.

Elegance and glamour were both invited to attend in our Autumn photoshoot this year. An afternoon of sheer sensuality and autumnal notes greeted our beautiful model, Kat. A fellow vintage lover, we ceased the opportunity to ask her a few questions...

(1) What is your favourite fashion staple piece for autumn?

My favourite fashion staple piece for Autumn has to be a cashmere turtleneck! I'm obsessed with wearing turtleneck jumpers, and my current collection is pretty vast. A lot of the time I find that the jumpers can be very warm, which is difficult in the early Autumn as the temperature hasn't quite dropped low enough, but I always find a way to make it work.

(2) What season is the best to dress vintage?

This may sound cliché, but honestly I think that every season is perfect for wearing vintage. There are so many different eras of vintage fashion that suit different seasons. Styles and trends are constantly on a cycle, so instead of purchasing new clothes made from poor quality fabrics, it's better to invest in good quality vintage pieces that you'll never need to get rid of. Vintage clothing will always be in style, no matter how old the piece is.

(3) When did you begin wearing vintage and why?

I first started wearing vintage clothing in 2013. Initially I was intrigued by retro style vintage clothing, primarily from the 1970s/80s and eventually branched out to other styles of vintage fashion. Currently my favourite vintage styles include tweed and 1960s Mod fashion.

(4) How do you feel wearing vintage and does it make you feel different from other clothing you buy on the high street?

Wearing vintage clothing makes me feel more unique, compared to high street fashion. I think it’s always good to have basic pieces that you can add to, and the best items you can add will always be found somewhere different to where most people shop. That’s what makes fashion so iconic and a form of art!

(5) What are your thoughts on high street fashion?

Recently I made a conscious decision to severely cut down on my purchases in high street stores due to the effects fast fashion has on our planet. An additional benefit of shopping in vintage stores is that the pieces will always be of a higher quality and at the same price as most high street fashion companies.

(6) In the age of ethical fashion, what could deter people from shopping on the high street?

For me, what changed my view of shopping for clothes on the high street was really finding out the affects the production of the materials that are used to make the items on our environment. Some people like to use the excuse of donating their unused clothing from high street stores to charity and secondhand stores so that they can purchase more, and although that is done with good intentions, about 80% of donated clothing still ends up in landfill. Ethical fashion isn't a trend, it's an important motion to help save the planet.

With Christmas approaching (I know it is early to ask) what is on your vintage fashion wish list?

Something that's on my vintage fashion wish list is a beret - preferably in pastel pink! You can never have too many berets.

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Until next time readers.

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