The Sculptural Bullet Bra

The Bullet Bra is the most remarkable piece of underwear and launched itself onto the fashion scene in the 1950's. After World War II Women were ready to reclaim their bodies and embrace all aspects of their femininity. This started with their careful selection of lingerie and inspiration was taken from the introduction of Dior's "New Look" which posed women with rounded hips, cinched in waistlines and prominent breasts.

An age of pointy bras and tight sweaters had landed with Frederic Mellinger being the first designer to create the push up bra. The hosiery craze thus began and Maidenform then introduced the iconic bullet bra with its cone shape and intricate spiral stitching which was named the infamous "whirlpool circle stitch". The missile look became displayed in every magazine and made even more popular by the "Sweater Girls".

This was a far cry from the flapper era of the 20's where many women desired to be flat chested to dress the sheer look and indirectly a more boyish look was encouraged.

We think bullet bra's are fabulous as they create sculpture upon our silhouettes, however how would one carry off this unusual style? We advise you to wear this eccentric item under your softest blouse, a swing or column dress or perhaps a crop top tie shirt. 

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