Piece of the week-Mexican Souvenir Jacket.

The incredible Felina jacket has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated deliveries we've ever received here at Willow Hilson HQ.

There are many items, a daily occurrence in fact that make us excited and squeal with delight, but this one is special, this one,is in fact one of the most beautiful things we've had the pleasure of holding.

Simpler in design than many of the more elaborate embellished pieces that grace the store, but with even greater impact, the novelty print of this 1940's Mexican souvenir jacket simply captures your imagination.

The use of bold colours and the attention to detail is wonderful, even to the point of one of the little characters wearing sandals and the bright flowers and cacti dotted throughout, setting a scene with consideration you just could not find in a modern item of clothing.

These sweet little jackets were such a popular tourist treat during the 1940s and '50s, in particular Mexico and Japan, which produced all manner of stunning designs and fabrics as a fond farewell to the well seasoned traveller.

Novelty prints began to capture the imagination from the late twenties, where newly popular leisure wear, saw all manor of whimsical "play time" prints appear. The increasing love of travel and holidaying abroad becoming a popular and coveted past time, along with the subsequent economic downturn, America in particular sought out lighthearted escapist prints and scenes which then filtered into souvenirs which cheerfully secured those memories and found their home in fashion.

Now highly coveted for their adorable designs and genuinely warm 100% wool make up, makes these sweet little jackets a perfect edition to a modern or vintage wardrobe.

It's taken some strength but this little beauty will be gracing the pages of our website, but I have a feeling it won't be there for very long! 


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