Piece Of The Week- Lounge Lizard

Few things are as decadent and beautiful as the lounge and sleep wear of the 1920s and 1930s.
The finest silks in a myriad of colours from far flung travels of the chic young women of the era created a surging and lasting need for exquisite leisure wear.
This trend may have lasted into present day but the craftsmanship has most certainly not. 
Each pair is beautifully crafted into a treasure which could not help but make the wearer feel like a million dollars.
The stunning mustard and black silk embroidered “Doris May” pyjamas set is one of the finest vintage examples we have ever seen here at Willow Hilson HQ.
Delicate yet vibrant the beautiful mustard is offset by sweet black panels on the trousers embroidered with entwined blooms and visa versa on the beautiful Chinese style top. Originating in Hong Kong the top part of this set has amazing frog - knot buttons to the top to enclose underneath a sweet little collar. 
The blooms and butterflies cascade over the front of the black silk making both eye catching and sophisticated in one simple design.
It is so easy to see why these would be the desire of all the young flappers rushing around enjoying a new carefree style and liberation from the restraint of former years.
This exact pair was indeed owned by a young flapper who’s wonderful daughter patiently kept and curated all her stylish mothers elegant wears until the right time came to give them a new home. What a delight to see them unearthed once again to bring their beauty to a new home. 

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