Piece of the week- The Nairobi Shoe Collection

The Nairobi shoe collection is one of our most exciting discoveries so far this year and we can’t get enough of our debut pair, the Imani platform peep toe in ruby red.

To say they took our breath away would be an understatement! These incredible shoes were a bespoke pair gifted for a lady by her husband in the 1940’s while living at the time in Nairobi, through his work at the Foreign Office.

Much of the shoe manufacturing at that’s time actually occurred in Nairobi as production was much cheaper and supplied the Britishness Army for a time.

The collection was made exactly to her specification and this particular style with its platform heel, peep toe and elegant v - shape curve at the front of the shoe is breathtaking in its craftsmanship. 

This particular style was incredibly popular in the 1940s and would often co-ordinate beautifully with an evening or cocktail gown. There may very well have been a ruby red dress or suit to match these amazing crocodile shoes and who knows now there may even be a sweet little bag out there for us to find next time! 

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