Piece of The Week- Annas' Piano Shawl Wedding Dress

Anna's Piano Shawl Wedding Dress

I find such happiness in finding pieces that have been made beautifully and have wonderful stories.

This weeks piece is Annas Wedding dress. A 1960's Ivory Silk embroidered Column dress, made from her grandmothers canton silk 1920's piano shawl.

I love the construction and thought process that clearly went into this dress.

The simple rounded neckline and elegant button down front, is framed by full length sleeves. The cuffs off the dress, are made from the knotted edgings of the shawl, where they have cut away the silk fringing. What an incredible idea!

I have long admired the knotted edges of piano shawls, and had never thought of making them into something completely different. The silk knotting has natural give allowing for freedom of movement.  

The column cut of the dress, showcases the intricate 1920's trailing floral embroidery, while keeping an iconic 1960's cut. 

To the back of the dress are silk chiffon wings, that float from the empire seam to the hemline of the skirt. These conceal the areas of silk that are not embroidered. 

I praise the sewing skills of whomever built this timeless dress. Every detail is perfection, and what a wonderful use of a piano shawl. A perfect example of up-cycling and regenerating fashion. 




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