Our 2018 Summer Style- Pretty Pedal Pushers & Sun Hats

We are delighted to present to you, our beloved readers, our summer style of 2018; pretty pedal pushers and cute crop tops. Both styles have burst their way onto the fashion scene and we could not be more excited. Blend these two together with a sweet sun hat and you have your summer fashion statement.

The end of the Second World War marked the beginning of a new fashion era and birthed a different kind of woman. No longer subjected to wearing warehouse jumpsuits and bland attire, the 1950’s woman experienced a fashion free of the pressures of war and industry. Pedal pushers danced their way into victory with their higher waistband, looser fit and cropped cut. Categorised initially as long shorts they were divine during the summer months. The pedal pushers became an artistic statement when Italy began projecting their influence free from the fascist regime. Italians painted onto the canvas of the pedal pusher colours of lime green, sherbet orange and Caribbean blue. The wide straight leg and cuffed bottom makes the pedal pusher this seasons must have.

The crop top descended upon the fashion scene in the 1940’s. Yes, before the likes of Madonna and Britney in the 90’s, women have adored the crop top through generations. Due to the heavy rationing of materials during the war the crop top was received with open arms by designers around the world. From India to the USA, the crop top represented the more conservative approach to showing some skin. A high collar and short sleeves tied with a bow as the centre piece became the style’s most popular elements. As with any trend the crop top evolved through the ages to become quite the sex symbol with style icons such as Cher showcasing the item. The success of the pop culture movement secured its future. For the present day however, pair the iconic crop top with your favourite pair of pedal pushers, sandals and sun hat and the top becomes the last piece of your outfit puzzle!

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