Captivating Collars; The History and The Workshop

Our newly refurbished studio presents to you, our beloved readers, a delicately woven together collar workshop. You will be selecting from our beautiful range of satin and silks. You will then delicately bead, embellish and construct your own unique collar. The embellished collar has been worn through the generations and you hold the opportunity to hand weave history.

One must be familiar with the 'Peter Pan' collar and if one believes this luxury accessory originates from the 1953 animated Disney film one is duly mistaken. In 1905, the broadway actress Maude Adams wore the white rounded collar in the first American stage production of J M Barrie's play. Adams created the costume with the famous American portrait painter John White Alexander. Alexander then painted Adams in said costume that used to hang in the Empire theatre lobby in New York. Drawing the curtain back further, in the 1900's French women became enamoured with the collar after the publication of Colette's 'Claudine a l'ecole'. 'The girl with the collar' within the pages of the book launched the trend and women referred to the accessory as 'le col Claudine'. The Peter Pan collar replaced the starchy, high collars previously worn and exposed in popular fashion magazines such as Vogue. The collar evolved through the centuries and reached its peak in the 1950's with the embellished collar.

This beautiful accessory can transform the most mundane of blouses, be as decorative as your most expensive piece of jewellery or act as the final and most crucial element to your outfit. The embellished collar can fast become the vocal point of all outfits and we are so excited to share our expertise with you. Our first workshop will take place on Saturday 11th of August and you can book a place via our website. There are only five spaces available to create this timeless beauty and rest assured this workshop has been lovingly designed with you and, of course the collar, in mind. 



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