The Twist of the Turban

Before we speak of the turban it is an absolute necessity to discuss the headscarf. The headscarf has made a relentless appearance through the century's. In the 1920's a woman would not leave the house without her handkerchief, lace gloves and her head covered by her headscarf. The colour palettes painted onto the scarf reflected the art movements of the time; the bold colours belonging to the Art Deco movement or the enthralling Cubist designs. The late 1930's and early 1940's birthed a new type of headscarf and the accessory became a wartime necessity. Women would walk to their warehouses in a classic rayon jumpsuit and a patriotic printed headscarf. They then stepped their way into the wartime posters and the utilitarian look accompanied the slogan, 'We Can Do It!' However, the headscarf refused to jibe confined to the workplace and began to weave delightful narratives into the fabric that boasted painterly softness. The headscarf had evolved with the turning of the century into a statement of glamour and elegance. Another element was thus introduced, the classic touring scarf made its mark in history and ensured its future by film stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. By the 1970's the scarf had taken on yet another character to look the part in the bohemian fashion play that was circulating at the time. The long, narrow scarves of the 1920's danced their way onto the stage with bold insignia and strong logos.

The headscarf has fascinated us in the way it has continually been a symbol of power dressing and it is unsurprising that the contemporary style of the headscarf has now become the striking turban. Our team hold the headscarf dear to their hearts although we have noticed that after just a few hours of wearing such an item the scarf tilts slightly or your hair becomes displaced and frustration kicks in. One should never experience such feelings when wearing this beautiful item. This is why we have handmade every one of our turbans to last all day and all night (if one wishes!). Each turban is created utilising vintage fabrics hence the reason for the small runs of this particular collection. We are waving our flag for the era of sustainable and ethical fashion and we are so proud of our powerful yet delicate creations. We invite you to keep the fashion cycle closed but most importantly, to enjoy our take on the long-living headscarf.

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