'Tis The Season For Velvet

The run up to Christmas has descended upon us and what better way to welcome the festive season then talking about our favourite winter staple; sumptuous velvet. Velvet is particularly special for many reasons, the first is how it is carefully woven together. Made up of silk threads, velvet is characterised by raised loops and tufts of yarn. These tufts are perfectly distributed so as to give the fabric a short, dense pile which provides its distinctive look and feel.

First associated with the Egyptians around 2000 BC, velvet had always been an indulgence for royalty and a textile utilised to honour nobility. During the Golden Age of the Renaissance, velvet became known within the fashion industry and with the Industrial Revolution this unique fabric catapulted into the fashion history books. Velvet deservedly held her spotlight in every decade, never failing to lose its royal status but always accessible to men and women of every class. 

We have always been obsessed with this truly sumptuous fabric. Not only is it a great textile to keep one warm and snug during those winter months, it also creates an extremely flattering, elegant and sensuous silhouette. Whether velvet is the main element of a dress or shown on a cuff of a sleeve or a collar, this fabric makes one feel sophisticated and desired. Or perhaps velvet is seen on your favourite accessory, those small touches of this delicious fabric complete your chosen outfit. The perfect Christmas gift, there is always a place for velvet to shine under those festive lights. 

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