The First Buying Trip of the year, Holland, Belgium & France

It's always easier to plan a buying trip abroad when the seasons start to change. Spring has sprung, and with new beginnings just around the corner, I thought that April would be the perfect time to set out on an adventure. With the Exeter shop now closed, and the opening of the Cheltenham shop only a matter of weeks away, my mind is buzzing with design ideas and stock aspirations.  

Time between each shop has given me the chance to really work on interior design and style ideas. I've always had a passion for Art deco interiors, and having grown up in South East Asia, the IndoChine influence has always been an undercurrent in my style. Mixing the two influences together, to create a fusion between cultures has really come naturally in this project, and I am so excited to see it all piece together in June. 


I was lucky to find the final finishing touches for the shop while travelling around in Holland & Belgium. I picked up the most incredible set of Art Deco Smoked glass shelves, to stand either side of the till area, and finally managed to snap up a pair of 1930's mercury lights for the window. Mercury lights were really at the top of my list, as the light they cast off is not only breathtaking, but also perfect for setting off the sparkle in jewellery. The pièce de résistance was a tall wooden plant stand painted black, to add that fresh tropical vibe to the room! 

Art Deco Smoked Glass Shelves Vintage plant stand  

Travelling in Belgium is always very exciting for me. Over the years I have built up some really incredible contacts, and have found some truly amazing pieces. As you can imagine, with the Cheltenham grand opening only a few weeks away, I am on the hunt for pieces that compare to the Grail. Luckily Belgium has never yet failed me, and I can safely say that the van is almost bursting with beauty!

Our wild card for the trip was a brief stop in the North of France for a Réderie. To my delight, I spent most of the weekend hunched over trunks of textiles and tables of sparkles. We walked for hours, and although every part of my body was aching, I think I have come home with some of the best jewellery pickings yet!

   Vintage jewellery, Willow Hilson

We ended our trip with a few nights in a Chateau to celebrate all the change 2019 has brought us. We have come home feeling restored and rested, excited for the new adventures to start! Cheltenham here we come! 

 Chateau de Couin   Chateau De Couin

We will be moving into 36 Suffolk Parade in Cheltenham on the 1st of June 2019, and hope to open our doors to the public by the 10th of June!

Love as always, and hopefully see you then! 




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