Willow Hilson Vintage

"Lamé & Rocailles" Vintage 1920's Lamé Beaded Jacket Print


Own your very own piece of Fashion History, as seen through the lens of Willow Hilson. 

Photographic Print Dimensions: 35x45 cm 

Framed Dimensions: 35x45 cm

Full of opulent original details, rendered in the most luxurious fashion, this rare 1920's  gold lamé, beaded and embroidered jacket  is a beauty to behold and never again find.

The edge to edge cut of the jacket, boasts a rounded edge to the front of the hemline. The simple shoulder line sets off the wonderful full length bell sleeves, that flare opulently along the wrists.  Decorated with a border of sage green and teal blue beadwork along the back of the neckline and edges of the front of the jacket, the first glimmer of decadent embellishments. Trailing gold beads accent the incredible chain stitch embroidery in soft muted tones, set off by rocaille glass beads in neighbouring colours. A story told through beadwork, depicting figures and imagery in an ode to South East Asian scenes, along the cuffs, and hemlines, this 1920's silk lined lamé jacket is a marvel of its time. Attributed to the Maison Premet, whose 1920's lamé and beaded coats mirror the themes and stitch-work, with details too resemblant to ignore, we are in the belief that this 1920's jacket has Parisian provenance.

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