Willow Hilson Vintage

"Blush En Plume" Vintage 1920's Pink Ostrich Feather Collar Print


Own your very own piece of Fashion History, as seen through the lens of Willow Hilson. 

Photographic Print Dimensions: 35x45 cm 

Framed Dimensions: 35x45 cm

"Caroline Reboux" Vintage 1920's Pink Ostrich Feather Collar

This rare and opulent 1920's Caroline Reboux couture pink ostrich feather collar, is a piece to behold and never again find.

Her amazing plumage of soft pink ostrich feathers and long bird feathers, envelope the neckline in a plush collar. Drawn together to the front, with pink silk velvet and black silk ties, weighted to the front for added security whilst being worn, this breathtaking piece, showcases the beautiful craftsmanship of Caroline Reboux.

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